Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel in Medfield, MA

The electrical panel controls the electricity in your home. This panel is essential to the function and safety of your home’s electrical equipment and devices. Without the electrical panel, there would be no power for any of your appliances or machines.

But, like other appliances, the electrical panel will need an upgrade at some point or another. While you can use an outdated panel for a while, you should not put off upgrading for too long.

If you are unsure whether you need an electrical panel upgrade, we have laid it out below.

5 Reasons for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

When you get a new electrical panel, your home will thank you. Not only do you reduce the risk of a power shortage or fire when you upgrade, but you also make running appliances easier. Here are seven reasons that you should get an electrical panel upgrade.

Prevent Short Circuits


Did you recently install a new air conditioner? That is wonderful, but if the circuit breakers trip each time you turn the AC on, it can be frustrating, not to mention dangerous since “trips” indicate you are overloading your panel.

If you notice breakers tripping, then it is time for an electrical panel upgrade. You could opt for electrical panel repairs, but it is often more cost-efficient to replace the entire panel.

More Power 


Do you use a lot of electricity in your home? If so, an electrical panel upgrade with higher amperage is a must.

If you notice your lights flickering, blinking, or dimming when you turn on appliances like your washing machine, you may be overloading your current electrical panel. How frequently do the lights flicker? How long does the flickering last? Note these details and call an electrician to determine the root cause of the issue.

Another common problem is power strips. When you use a power strip, you can conveniently charge more devices using just one outlet. However, using a strip also means that you are utilizing more electricity than is available in your Medfield, MA home since power strips use more electricity than your electrical panel can handle.

If you find you must use many power strips at once, then consider upgrading your electrical panel. With an upgrade, you can safely use the power strips and not worry about a shortage.

You Have an Old Home 


Many of the homes in Medfield, MA, are very old. If you have an older home, then the electrical wiring has not been upgraded in a while. It is also likely that the house is in serious need of an electrical panel upgrade.

Even though the retro decor is trendy, there are some retro things we should leave behind. One of those is old, outdated electrical wiring and panels.

Many old panels max out at 60 amps, but modern panels hit 200 amps. If you have a 60 amp panel, it is time to consider an electrical panel upgrade. Without one, your home is susceptible to power shortages and electrical fires, too.

You Plan to Add New Appliances 


If you are looking to add new appliances, your first step should be checking the electrical panel. Old electrical panels cannot keep up with the voltage requirements of new appliances.

If you have already installed new appliances, look for recurring power issues. Any devices that do not turn or stay on mean that the panel cannot support the electrical needs.

Increased Property Value 


We have all heard the term property value (and resale value) before. New roofs, beautiful landscaping, and new appliances can increase your property value. Other homeowners look for these components when buying a new property.

Did you know that a new electrical panel will increase your property value, too? People are more likely to buy a home that does not require expensive electrical upgrades. If you get an electrical panel upgrade in Medfield, MA, you increase your property value.

You can highlight a new electrical panel on the listing as well, as this is an attractive piece of a new home.

More Home Safety 


The most important reason of all to upgrade the panel is for better home safety. When you use an insufficient electrical panel, you leave your home open to fire hazards. An upgraded panel allows you to charge devices and use appliances with peace of mind.

Old panels can break down any minute and leave you susceptible to electrical fires. Getting an electrical panel upgrade reduces this risk and keeps your home safe.

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