Smart Home Device Installation In Medfield, MA

Turning your home into a smart home is something to be excited about. No more sitting at work all day worrying about whether you left the lights on at home or forgot to lock the back door. You can check on it with a few clicks on your smartphone. Technology just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

To make sure you get the perfect smart device for your Medfield home, consult your local electricians for a wealth of information and advice.

At Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc., our experts will assess your smart system to determine whether there are compatibility issues with any of the connecting devices or not. Our technicians make sure your home has the proper wiring to avoid any electrical issues. After we install the system, we will not leave until we know it is working properly.

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What Is A Smart Home Installation?

A smart device is an electronic device that can interact with other devices in your home. Appliances, televisions, doorbells, garage doors, alarm systems, and more can be part of the system. It can be software or a wall-mounted unit that gathers data from each smart device and displays it in one place for easy monitoring and control.

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Home?

Many people view smart homes as an expensive and unnecessary trend. But the advantages may be worth the cost. Aside from making our lives easier, smart home technology provides other benefits that are making them an attractive investment for many Medfield homeowners. Here are just a few of the benefits of smart home devices:

Appliance Safety

If you cook regularly, you may be guilty of leaving the burner or oven on now and then. With a smart stove, this will no longer be a concern. A smart device monitors the time and temperature and automatically shuts the appliance off to prevent fires or gas leaks.

Leak or Flood Sensors

It is not unusual for busy families to leave a tap running in the kitchen or bathroom when they are in a hurry. This can result in damage to your floors and carpeting that can be expensive to repair. This type of problem can be averted with a real-time alert from the smart device’s flood sensors.

Home Safety/Security Alerts

Smart home device installation can help keep your home and family safe in several ways. For example, smart locks allow you to lock and unlock the door remotely. You can check to make sure you’ve locked up even after leaving the house.

Some devices alert you to safety or security threats such as open doors, smoke, or leaks. They can also alert you if they detect someone at your door or other suspicious activities around your home.

Control Lighting and Save Energy

When lights are burning in unused rooms, your power bill goes up for seemingly no reason. If you are away from home and do not remember whether your lights are on or off, you can check them from your phone. Or, you can set your smart device to turn the lights on or off at specific times.

Streamlines Chores

Smart home devices can make your life easier in many ways. For instance, a smart refrigerator can scan its contents and let you know when you are out of milk or the eggs are about to expire. You will not have to wait until you get home to discover you need to go back out and head to the grocery store.

How Do I Choose the Best Smart Home Devices for My Home?

The variety of smart home devices can be overwhelming and confusing when you are trying to choose the right ones. You should make a list of what you want your smart home to do. Ultimately, this decision should be based on:

  • Desired level of automation
  • Preferred smart devices
  • Budget and needs

For a complete smart home, you will begin with a hub, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. If you just want to automate your home’s lighting, you can accomplish this by using an Amazon Echo speaker and a smart lighting kit from Philips Hue, Lifx, or Ikea.

Before investing in a system, consider the following product features and decide whether that particular product fits your needs. An electrician can guide you through the factors and set up your lighting control system.

Network Security

Anything that functions over the internet is vulnerable to hacking. Smart systems are designed with built-in security to help thwart cyberattacks, but manufacturers do not always provide details about their security systems. So instead, you can check how frequently your system’s app is updated and read customer reviews about the unit.

Device Support

Typically, a smart device will be compatible with most smart systems like Google Assistant or Alexa. But some devices offer a wider range of services for you to consider. One service you will find useful is the If This Then That (IFTTT) scripting system. For instance, if your smart television is turned on, then the system automatically dims the living room lights.


If you are new to the world of smart devices, you may want a simple system that is easy to understand. Some systems are complex and can quickly overwhelm a newbie. However, if you are familiar with the technology, you may want a complex system that includes the IFTTT feature.

Home Charging Installation


You need to know how the smart system will connect to your wireless router. The corded method involves using an ethernet cable to connect the smart system to a wireless router. If you prefer going cordless, you can purchase a cordless smart system that you can place anywhere – as long as it is within range of the router.

Sensor Range

Sensors allow smart devices to communicate with the smart system. Depending on the size of your home, the connectivity range may not be strong enough to connect to all of your devices.

Mobile App Usability

Before choosing a smart system, browse the app to make sure it is user friendly. Some apps are complex and difficult to understand.

Professional Monitoring

This feature is a service that you can purchase at an additional cost. It provides 24/7 monitoring by security professionals. This service can cost from $10 per month to more than $100 per month.


In addition to the costs of the devices, you have other costs to consider. Some smart systems offer additional services for a monthly or yearly fee. You have to weigh the plan’s cost against how often you will use the service.

Let Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. Handle Your Smart Device Installation

If you are considering switching to a smart home, recommendations from expert local electricians can be helpful. You want the system to make your life easier. But if you choose the wrong one or it is improperly installed, everything gets more complicated.

It is best to contact a licensed electrician for advice. At Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc., we understand the complexities of a smart system and will help you make an informed decision.

Not only can we help with smart devices, but we also provide a complete range of electrical services.

As your local Medfield electrician, we guarantee prompt, courteous, and reliable service. Contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. today to learn more about our electrical services

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