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ItWhole-Home Generator Services is easy to take the power in your home for granted. But when extreme weather conditions cause prolonged blackouts, you quickly learn just how essential electricity is to safe and comfortable living. Food spoils, pipes freeze, and our homes become cold, dark, and uninhabitable.

One of the best ways the people of Medfield can protect their homes from the effects of extended blackouts is to have a whole-home generator installed. With a whole-home generator, the power in your house will hardly skip a beat should a blackout occur. It simply switches right over to the backup power supply, which is powered by propane or gas, and continues providing your home with electricity until the power grid is back up and running.

Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. offers all phases of whole-home generator service to our customers in Medfield. From consultation, to installation, to maintenance and repair, we have you covered. Our expert technicians can help you determine the best whole-home generator solution for you and your family and have it installed in no time so you never have to worry about blackouts again.

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How Do Whole-Home Generators Work?

A whole-home generator is connected to the electrical wiring in your home and it is designed to detect any interruptions in your service. When an interruption occurs, the generator automatically switches on and begins powering your home. Whole-home generators are standalone power sources that run off of the natural gas or propane lines in your home, so you do not need to worry about keeping it refueled.

There are portable generators which can be useful in the event of a blackout, but they do not generate the same level of power as whole-home generators and will only be able to provide electricity to a select few appliances or systems in your home. Portable generators also require refueling from an outside source, so you must have backup fuel stored in your shed or garage.

Benefits of Whole-Home Generators

There are a number of reasons why installing a whole-home generator can be beneficial to you and your family. If you are considering sticking with a portable generator instead, check out these major reasons why you may want to go with the whole-home option:

Power What You Need

A whole-home generator can provide power to, well, your whole home. Portable generators are limited in their capabilities, meaning you may need to have more than one to provide you with the electricity you need. Not only that, whole-home generators can be customized to only provide power to certain key areas of the house if that is what you prefer, so you do not have to worry about the cost of powering every square inch of your home if you do not want to.

No Need to Refuel

Your whole-home generator will be directly connected to the gas or propane lines in your home, meaning you do not have to worry about where to store your generator fuel, or where you are going to get more once your backups run out. Whole-home generators can generally run for as long they need to until power is restored.

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A poorly placed portable generator can run the risk of filling your home with deadly carbon monoxide gases. Whole-home generators are installed in a safe area, and are mostly hands-free, eliminating most of the potential dangers that come with a portable generator.


Portable generators are also quite loud, and while whole-home generators are not silent by any means, they are a lot quieter and therefore less of a disturbance to you and your neighbors. This may seem like a small issue, but in the event that a blackout lasts several days, an overly loud generator can become yet another source of stress during an already tense time.

Hands-Free Power

If you are on vacation to escape the frigid New England winter and a power outage occurs, you will not be there to make sure your food does not spoil, your pipes do not freeze, and your security system does not go down. With a whole-home generator, you do not have to be there to maintain power in your home. It simply switches on automatically, your fridge stays cold, your pipes stay warm, your security system stays on, and you stay calm, cool, and collected.

How Do I Know Which Type of Generator is Best for Me?

Choosing the proper size, capacity, and model generator for your home is not too complicated, but it does require careful consideration, and possibly the help of a qualified professional. When you enlist the help of Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. whole-home generator services, we will work with you to assess your home’s power needs, as well as what you are looking for in a backup generator, and make a recommendation for the unit best suited for you and your family.

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