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At Paul Macrina Electrical, we are proud to beElectrical Home Safety Inspections a full-service contracting firm serving Medfield, MA. We are a locally-owned company in the business of providing quality electrician services. Our work keeps homes safe, comfortable, and illuminated year-round.

We take care of the details that matter most. Our team handles everything from professional lighting repair to electrical outlet installation. While services like an electrical panel upgrade and rewiring are important, our electrical home safety inspections are our priority.

Providing Electrical Home Safety Inspections Across Medfield, MA

Many of the comforts and securities that Medfield, MA, residents enjoy in their homes begin and end with wired electricity. The vast majority of electrical features are hidden from sight, meaning they do not come to mind until something goes wrong.

At Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, we understand how important electricity is in a home. We also recognize the risks electrical faults can cause.

Unfortunately, many structural home fires across the U.S. each year originate with electrical issues. Sometimes, appliances link up to improperly wired outlets, and that sets the spark. Other fires can start in homes where there are no smoke detectors.

The risks are very real when it comes to electricity. That is why we make electrical home safety inspections a priority at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting. We address comprehensive safety hazards with expertise to help customers enjoy the peace of mind they deserve at home.

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What Exactly Is an Electrical Home Safety Inspection?

An electrical home safety inspection goes beyond standard services like generator repair or electrical outlet repair. It’s a thorough examination of the entire electrical system.

Technicians performing a home safety inspection are responsible for ensuring all electrical components are up to legal safety standards. That includes wiring and systems. It also provides appliance assessments to make sure each is in working order.

At Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, our team follows the National Electric Code (NEC) for electrical home safety inspections. That is a universal code that electricians must adhere to when defining a home’s safety standards.

No matter what the results of a home safety inspection happen to be, customers will receive an inspection report upon completion. That is a detailed report that relays findings and lists recommended upgrades. It also highlights electrical features that need immediate attention.

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Signs It Is Time for an Electrical Safety Inspection

Every electrical appliance and feature comes with different maintenance standards. That said, having an electrical home safety inspection performed every 6-months is advisable. That is particularly important if a home is more than 40-years old. Many older homes have outdated electrical elements and faulty wiring that needs attention.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, new homeowners should always schedule an inspection after closing a deal on a property. The inspection should happen before residents move into a new home. It is just as important to schedule an inspection when plans have homeowners adding appliances to their residence. Similarly, carrying out an assessment during or after a major renovation will ensure that everything is safe and in working order.

What Electrician Services Are Included in a Home Safety Inspection?

At Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, we have built a reputation of excellence on our integrity and attention to detail. Homeowners across Medfield, MA, count on us to complete thorough home safety inspections, and we are happy to oblige.

Our team of technicians takes time to verify that all switch and wall outlets are in good condition. We also make sure that homes have the proper light bulb wattage.

A thorough check of all a home’s security and safety lighting also gives us a chance to check for electrocution and shock hazards present. During an inspection, we confirm all grounding systems. We will also check the whole-house surge protector is up-to-date and working well.

A complete inspection of the electrical panel is part of the evaluation lineup. We also handle the examination of all outdoor electrical systems.

Customers can count on our technicians to verify that arc fault circuit interrupters are operational. Similarly, we inspect each GFCI outlet to ensure precautions are in place to reduce the risk of electric shock.

When it comes to smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in a home, we pay careful attention to the details that matter most. We provide smoke and carbon monoxide detector testing throughout the residence. We also verify that all detectors are appropriately placed and safe.

When the inspection is complete, our customers receive a detailed report of our findings. Your Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting technician will clearly identify areas of concern in the follow-up. We are happy to handle smoke detector installation and carbon monoxide installation services in response to report results.

Elevating Home Safety Standards One Month at a Time

The electrical system that keeps a home functioning properly is complex. There are intricate elements and components best handled by trained technicians to maintain safety standards high.

That said, there are plenty of steps homeowners can take every month to maintain their households’ electrical health and safety. Doing so is a courtesy to residents within and an excellent way to extend the lifespan of electrical features and appliances.

Every 30 days, we recommend that homeowners take time to test their GFCI and AFCI outlets. It is also advisable to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on an identical schedule.

Fortunately, testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors do not take much in the way of effort or time. Simply press the test button to make sure the alarm sounds off.

If you hear the alarms beeping at any time, it is a sign it is time to change out the batteries. On average, you will need to replace these batteries at least once a year. Most homes will need to have alarms entirely swapped out every ten years.

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