Roof De-Icing Cables in Medfield, MA

Are you concerned about the build-up of ice at the edge of your roof? That’s an ice dam, and it could be causing more damage than you realize. Luckily, roof de-icing cables are an efficient, effective, and affordable solution.

The electricians at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. can provide you with roof de-icing cable installation in Medfield to keep your roof protected even through the harshest winters.

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The Dangers Of Ice Dams

Medfield, MA, gets nearly double the average U.S. snowfall each winter. That kind of weather is nothing to laugh at — it can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters. Over the course of the winter, regular snowfalls and freezing temperatures are going to lead to a thick, compacted, hard layer of snow over your entire roof.

In the best-case scenario, proper attic insulation is going to keep the surface of your roof just about the same temperature as the air outside. However, in practice, it’s always at least a bit warmer.

This heat leads to continued cycles of freezing and thawing and an outer layer of hard-packed ice on your roof. On any roof with a slight slope, that is also going to lead to melted water working its way downwards before it freezes again.

Once the water reaches the very edge, it rapidly freezes in the lower temperatures and forms ice dams. This layer builds and builds, preventing runoff from leaving the roof and making the ice dam grow larger and heavier over the course of the winter.

You would be surprised how quickly this can happen without the protection of roof de-icing systems from Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. This is especially true if your gutters are blocked, damaged, or were not cleaned out ahead of winter.

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What Happens When Ice Dams Build Up?

With ice dams preventing any runoff, you will find yourself with water pooling and resting on your roof whenever warmer temperatures hit. That is a serious problem that can cause significant damage to your roof.

This water will often penetrate the seams between roof shingles and enter the structure of the roof. From there, it can cause water damage, mold, and eventually structural damage. The bill for roof repairs can quickly stack up and leave you with an unpleasant surprise the next time you have your roof inspected.

Not only can ice dams cause damage to your roof and gutters, but they are an immediate safety hazard as well. Large chunks of ice can fall from your roof suddenly, potentially injuring anyone passing by underneath.

With both your safety and your finances at risk, you can not afford to ignore the dangers of ice dams.

How De-Icing Cables Help to Combat Ice Dams

Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. is a full-service electrician in Medfield that can help you with reliable roof de-icing systems. Roof de-icing cables are an incredibly effective method for preventing ice dams and protecting your roof from winter damage.

Basically, roof de-icing cables rely on the same principles that defrost your car’s rear windows. Whenever electricity passes through a conductor with resistance, it heats up. That’s why electronics heat up as they operate.

In the case of your rear window, a small amount of electricity passes through a grid of metal-infused resin to defrost the window and clear your view. Roof de-icing cables pass more electricity through larger wires to do the same thing, but on a larger scale.

The de-icing cables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of them pressed flat. Flatforms are known as heat tape. They all work the same, though, with the resistance from the wire generating heat to melt ice dams as they form.

Ice dams only grow when they have a chance to thaw and refreeze. The roof de-icing systems prevent that, which means that the problem can not get worse. You only need cables for the very edge of your roof, as that is where the ice dams form. You do not actually have to melt all of the snow from your roof because the cleared path lets natural melted water escape without damaging your roof.

These roof de-icing systems can also be applied mid-season to melt away already-formed ice dams. While this is better than nothing, the best way to ensure that your roof is not damaged is to have your de-icing cables in place by the start of the season. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You might also need de-icing cables installed on other areas of your roof, depending on the shape of its slope and any features like chimneys and skylights. These areas can contribute to the build-up of ice, so it is well worth consulting a professional electrician in Medfield to make sure you’re getting the roof de-icing systems you need.

Roof De-Icing Cable Installation in Medfield

While many different brands of roof de-icing systems might advertise that they are easy to install, that is typically not in your best interest. Instead, going with a qualified electrician in Medfield is going to get you the most reliable results

Your new roof de-icing cables are only going to prevent ice dams if they’re installed correctly. The licensed electricians at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. can make sure that your roof de-icing cables are properly installed for protection from ice dams, providing the highest level of safety.

This is doubly true if you are in need of installation in the middle of winter to fight existing ice dams. There are going to be so many variables in that kind of situation, and improperly installing the cables can lead to some safety concerns. Improperly installed cables can leave you with serious damage.

Why Should I Use a Professional for Installation?

There are two clear reasons that you really want to go with professional installation when it comes to roof de-icing systems. First, these systems need to be connected to your home’s electrical system.

There is always a risk when amateurs try to handle work that should be left to licensed electricians. You could receive a dangerous electrical shock, start a fire, or cause damage to your home’s electrical system that might not be apparent for years to come.

Secondly, roof de-icing systems have to endure rough conditions. There is always some danger when electrical components and water mix, with ice and snow, just adding to that. Without proper installation, your roof de-icing system could become damaged and become a hazard in itself.

Instead of taking these risks, you can get all of the benefits of roof de-icing cables without the hassle by turning to a reliable electrician in Medfield. Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. would be happy to provide you with a reliable quote for any of your roof de-icing system needs.

Professional, Experienced, Licensed Electricians in Medfield

When you choose Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc., you are partnering with a business that has been providing essential electrical services here in Medfield for 30 years. In that time, we have learned just how important it is to deliver quality work every single time. That is why you can always count on our skilled electricians to get the job done right.

Your roof de-icing cable installation is going to come with benefits that far outweigh the cost. By preventing water damage due to ice dams, you will be avoiding a substantial roof repair bill come springtime.

It is also often a more efficient and workable solution than the extensive attic insulation or repairs that would otherwise be needed to get ice dams under control.

Reach out to our team of electricians today. We will inspect your roof, evaluate your current situation, and help to determine what your best option for roof de-icing is. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and give you a reliable quote.

For roof de-icing cables or any other electrical work in Medfield, call Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc. today.

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