Pool Wiring Repairs In Medfield, MA

Summer is here, and you probably cannot wait to take your first swim for the season. If you have children, they are likely nagging you to go swim. However, after a long winter, you notice that the pool is not working as it should. You poke around the electrics and pumps but cannot identify the problem.

Electrical Safety Around Your Pool

Put your mind at ease by calling a professional electrician to take a look. The electrical systems of your pool are complicated. While the layout and construction may have been simple, the electrics involved are anything but simple. The electrics become even more complex if you have a hot tub connected to your pool.

Do not fret! Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting has it all under control. Your pool wiring repairs are as good as done. Give us a call today for the best pool electrician in Medfield, MA.

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Swimming Pool Wiring Repairs

Pool wiring repairs are vital for keeping your pool in tip-top condition. We will ensure that your hot tub and pool are electrically compliant and safe for your family to use. Contact us today to benefit from our brilliant pool wiring repairs!

Burnt Underwater Bulbs

Replacing a lightbulb in your pool is not a DIY task. It’s in a tricky location and needs a professional to ensure it is done correctly. There are many reasons for your pool’s light bulb not working. The obvious reason is that the bulb has died, but it could also be due to the pool chemicals that eat away at the cord behind the light. This allows water into the light and causes a short. Other causes could be a short in a wire, a broken switch, or a bad breaker panel. No matter the problem, our pool electricians are more than capable of taking care of it. If you notice the following signs, call an electrician immediately:

  • Frequent flickering
  • Buzzing sound near the light
  • Visible rust around the light
  • Mold growth on or around the light

Subpanel Wiring

Your pool likely has a subpanel branched off of your main breaker box. This subpanel draws just enough power from your main breaker box to supply electricity to your pool and hot tub equipment. Your subpanel needs to be a specific distance from your home to provide enough power to your pool and hot tub. Our electricians can dig a trench to bring the electricity from your main breaker box to your pool’s subpanel if your subpanel is too far away from your house.

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Bonding to Prevent Shocks or Electrocution

Bonding involves joining electrical and metal components of your pool together with a copper wire to prevent electrocution. If this is not done, swimmers would be subject to electrical shocks. Without pool bonding, a human body can close the circuit and electrocute. Not only are components within your pool connected to the bonding wire, but even metal structures within five feet are connected. A bonding wire is attached to a few components in and around the pool.

  • Pool wall panels
  • Underwater pool lights and drains
  • Handrails, ladders, and diving boards
  • Pool heater, pump, and filter
  • Pool decking with a metal base

If you are unsure whether your pool has bonding or if the bonding is still intact, contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting today to get it checked out. If the bonding wire is not in good condition, our skilled electricians will gladly take care of your pool’s bonding wire repairs. Be safe rather than sorry; call us immediately to keep your family safe.


Pool Inspections

Pool areas should be inspected at least once a year to ensure that all the electrics are still in working order. Call Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting for thorough pool inspections. We will check your bonding wire around the pool and ground-fault interrupter circuits (GFCI).

Qualified Pool Wiring Repairs in Medfield, MA

All licensed electricians are qualified to repair your pool’s wiring. However, we have a team of electricians with first-hand experience with pool wiring repairs, making them an ideal fit for all your pool’s electrical problems. Many regulations are specific to pool electric systems and must be adhered to for assured safety. Water and electricity are a deadly pair; make sure you have a trusted electrician to take care of these systems.

Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting has over 30 years of experience with electrical systems and people. We are up-to-date with new safety regulations and technological advancements.

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