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When you work hard to maintain your home, the last thing you want to come back to at the end of the day is a power failure. If your home’s wiring starts to fray or circuits fall out of sync, then the functionality of everything from your lighting fixtures to your outlets can fall by the wayside.

When you are trying to address home electrical concerns, however, you may not know where to start. That is where the team with Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting comes in!

Whether you are looking to install a new generator or replace the carbon monoxide detectors in your home, you can trust our professionals that serve Foxborough to get the job done.

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What Can a Professional Electrician Do for You?

Tackling a home’s internal wiring is not a task for the faint of heart. Luckily, no homeowner in the Foxborough area has to take on this challenge alone! Our team at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting can walk through your home and determine which elements of your home’s electrical system may need an update. When it comes to contending with electrical challenges in your home, the Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting team can help you with:

Light Fixture Installation

Contending with a damaged light fixture is not just annoying — if you are not careful, it can also be dangerous. Loose or sparking light fixtures can be a fire hazard in your home. The faster you are able to reach out to local professionals, the sooner that your home will be safe and well-lit again.

Our professionals will ensure that your light fixtures work, but our lighting services do not stop there. We can also inspect your light switches and reconfigure them to better suit your needs. Most importantly, we will guarantee that your fixtures are both up to code and functional, ensuring that you can turn on the lights in your home without setting your carpet on fire.

Whole-Home Generator Installation

Preparing for bad weather in Massachusetts means more than just stocking up on bottled water. If you want to avoid the inconvenience of losing power, then you will want to have a generator on hand. There is a difference, though, between whole-home generators and portable generators.

  •     Portable generators serve one to two rooms in your home
  •     Whole-home generators keep your whole home powered

The contractors at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting can help you to explore the whole-home generator options available to you based on your home’s square footage and power usage.

Ceiling Fan Installation

If you have been having trouble controlling the flow of air through your home, let the team at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting ease some of your stress.

If your existing fans have suffered from electrical damage, the team can take over your repair and replacements. If you want new fans installed throughout your home, you can trust our local contractors to integrate a new fan into your home’s circuits.

Whole House Surge Protection

While power strips can protect individual outlets from electrical surges, they can not prepare you for an overwhelming electrical surge. If you want to prevent dangerous power fluxes from damaging all of the devices in your home, you will want to invest in a whole house surge protector.

The licensed electricians at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting can help you to protect your fuse boxes and electrical circuits with whole house surge protection. The team can install its preferred suppressors in less than half a day, ensuring that your home remains as safe as possible from electrical damage.

If you want to protect your fuse box from surges, be sure to ask our team members about an electrical panel upgrade. Half a day’s work can significantly lower the chance that your fuse box will be affected during the next Foxborough thunderstorm.

Walking You Through New Construction Installations

Have you recently built a home from the ground up? Do not let wiring trip you up. The team at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting is well versed in new home electrical installations.

Our team can help you with:

Do you have an electric vehicle you want to keep in your new garage? No problem. Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting knows how to install EV chargers for vehicles operating at Levels I, II, and III.

Our team’s new-home services does not stop there. Reach out to our team in Foxborough to explore installation options for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, too.

Finding an Experienced Electrician Near Me

Electrical replacement and repair projects come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need old light fixtures to be replaced or want your entire home protected from potential power surges, the team at Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting can help.

Foxborough is our home, just like it is yours. We will bring our experience to your front door and make sure that you get the service you need.

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