Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation in Medfield, MA

As a homeowner,Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation protecting your investment and keeping you and your family safe go hand in hand. Many homeowners seek to accomplish this goal by installing quality locks or even remotely monitored alarm systems. While these are worthwhile investments, you should also equip your home with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Despite popular belief, installing these devices is not a DIY project. While they may appear relatively simple at first glance, improper installation or placement of these devices will limit their effectiveness. The best approach is to contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting Inc.

We are a full-service electrical contracting firm that proudly serves the Metro West Boston area. Our owner, Paul Macrina, has built this company from the ground up and has a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.

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Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are invaluable to keeping the occupants of your home safe from the harmful effects of this invisible gas. Carbon monoxide can cause severe injury or even death if you suffer prolonged exposure. The following are common indicators of a carbon monoxide exposure:

  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Chest pain
  • General feeling of being unwell

These symptoms can onset rapidly and will usually dissipate when surrounded by fresh air. A carbon monoxide detector will protect you by sounding an audible alarm when the gas is detected.

smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Carbon Monoxide Facts

How Is Carbon Monoxide Produced in My Home?

Any fuel-burning appliances can produce carbon monoxide. This includes wood-burning equipment such as fireplaces or stoves. Anytime you are burning wood within your home, you must ensure that vents are open and free from obstructions.

Stoves that utilize natural gas will also create carbon monoxide. Your home’s water heater and furnace likely utilize natural gas or oil as a fuel source and will produce carbon monoxide as well.

Ideal Placement

When you contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting for carbon monoxide detector installation services, our professionals will determine the ideal positioning of your equipment. They will conduct a walkthrough of your home and locate potential areas of concern.

Practically every home will require more than one detector, with a few exceptions. Our professionals recommend that one is installed on every floor and in your basement. Every sleeping area should have a carbon monoxide detector as well. Nevertheless, installing one in a common hallway between rooms will suffice.

An exception to this rule is if your home has a gas or propane furnace and forced-air heating system. With that style of system, a leak in your furnace can result in carbon monoxide reaching rooms individually. If that is the case, our professionals will need to install a detector in every bedroom.

The detectors will be installed 5 feet or more above the floor. This is because carbon monoxide is lighter than air and will usually rise towards the ceiling. They should never be installed immediately next to a fireplace or flame-producing equipment as this will result in false alarms.

How Many Smoke Detectors Will I Need?

Generally, the recommendations for smoke detectors are similar to that of carbon monoxide detectors. However, the type of heating system in your home will not influence whether or not each bedroom needs a smoke detector.

Having several smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors is the most effective way of alerting occupants to a potential hazard. Opting for a single alarm can delay notification, resulting in serious injury to yourself or your family. This is especially true if you have a split floor plan or a very large home.

Smoke Detector Installation

Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting’s smoke detector installation services are prompt and affordable. When you contact our team, we will quickly get to work finding ideal placement locations. We will provide you with a free quote and let you know how many smoke detectors you need.

We install high-quality models that are hard-wired into your home’s electrical system. This is the most reliable type of smoke detector. They even include a battery backup so that they will keep doing their job during a power outage. This is vital since many fire and carbon monoxide hazards occur as the result of storm damage.

Carbon Monoxide Installation

As with our smoke detectors, the carbon monoxide detectors will be hard-wired into your home. They also feature a battery back-up feature. Once our team completes the install, you will never know we were there. All wiring will be hidden within your wall and out of sight.

We will test your alarms to ensure that they are working properly before we finish the job. We can also service your alarm systems when the backup batteries die. These batteries typically last for 3-5 years without needing replacement.

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When you need reliable electrical contracting services in the Boston area, you need to contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting. We provide prompt and friendly service and can handle any project, big or small. If you are interested in smoke detectors or carbon monoxide installation services, contact us today!

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