We Serve And Live In Our Medfield Community.

At Paul Macrina Electrical, we believe in the power of giving back to the community that has supported us throughout the years.

Our founder, Paul volunteers his time with the Trustees of Reservations, where he engages in weekly trail maintenance to preserve our natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy. Additionally, he serves on the Board for the esteemed Ben Franklin Institute of Technology, contributing his expertise to shape the future of technical education.

Inspired by our commitment to nurturing the next generation of electricians, we are excited to announce our upcoming scholarship program. This program will provide financial assistance to deserving high school graduates who wish to pursue a career in the electrical field, empowering them to achieve their dreams and contribute to our industry’s growth.

At Paul Macrina Electrical, we believe in fostering a stronger, more vibrant community through our unwavering dedication to service and education.

Our Team’s Charitable Work

Below is a collection of our teams charitable efforts:

Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology

Our founder, Paul Macrina serves on the Board of the Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology. Paul earned his Automotive Technology Certificate A/S from BFIT in 1982.

Pan-Mass Challenge 2023 – Paul Macrina

This year’s ride is a tribute to my brothers, not blood related, ride related. Specifically, the PMC, my brothers on bikes. These are the people I belong with. Raising awareness about Dana-Farber and their incredible work to give people a brighter future.

We are an eclectic mix Some have fancy kits (outfits in bike-speak). Tight spandex (think Tom Brady not Vince Wilfork). Some even match, I don’t know how this is accomplished (And we do give out a Kardashian award every year).

We do it for all the right reasons, The PMC:
We aren’t the fastest riders.
We don’t raise the most money.
We train.
We fundraise.
We flat.
Sometimes we crash, complain and bask in the glory.
We suffer and we keep going.
We do it for the right reasons.
We do it so others can live the life we have been blessed with.

We have bonded to enable Dana-Farber to carry on the mission of life. The people below have made my life better and me a better man. I love them all.

Mark “Jaylo” Price; Cancer survivor. He’s been as close as you can come to the end, and is proof that life is worth living, HWYL. David “FTD” Bolduc; Creative fundraiser, quiet with a sneaky sense of humor and a strong will. Stephen” Kjell Flow” Kjellman. Kjell has flowed the PMC ride for 35 years, nothing else needs to be said. David “Caboose” Dwyer, deceptively strong and ready at game time, always with attitude and a quick laugh. Michael ”Hamburglar” Ashton; like a horse going back to the barn, don’t get in his way. He makes sure every rider gets home. Kurt “1 Lung” Hudson, the little brother I never had. A guy your want in your foxhole, he would give you a lung if you needed it.

We would be nowhere without the family and friends always having our backs and supporting this great cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please consider donating what you can.



Trustees of Reservations

Our founder, Paul Macrina volunteers with the Trustees of Reservations doing weekly trail maintenance and cleanup. If you would like to get involved or volunteer for the Trustees of Reservations, visit the link below.

Get enlightened, call Paul.

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