An elevated customer experience.

We take pride in creating an elevated experience for our clients.
Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of our unique process
and what you will expect when working with PME

1. Intake & Scheduling

Scope & Pairing
During a brief call with our in-office team we will discuss your project, determine your needs, and pair you with the right electrician, who often know your home.

Dispatch Fee
We charge an $89 dispatch fee and provide an estimate onsite to ensure no surprises.

Scheduling & 24 Hour Alerts
Once we schedule your service, you receive automated alerts and a reminder phone call up to 24 hours prior our arrival.

2. Arrival & Introduction

Digital Introduction
Prior to arrival, we send you the name, photo and contact information of the electrician who will be working at your home.

Clean & Safe
Our technicians arrive with proper safety equipment and floor saver booties to ensure a clean and safe working environment.

Introduction Discussion
We meet with each homeowner to understand the scope of your service and discuss your future needs as well.

3. Inspection & Assessment

10-Point Safety Inspection
With every home visit, we conduct a complimentary 10-Point Visual Safety Inspection to assess the electrical safety of your home.

Project Assessment
Our technicians review the requested work and provide you with estimation options, often times up to 3 options. Project requirements planning for today/tomorrow.

4. Estimations & Approval

Estimations & Options
Our electricians will review the project and provide you with estimate options to align with your needs and budget. We also share our findings of the safety inspection.

Before any work is started, we will review in detail and get your approval.

5. Expert Work

Area Preparation
The work area is prepared. All surfaces are covered and protected. Delicate materials are moved from area.

Expert Work & Clean Up
Our technicians complete the work to the highest standards that meet current codes and standards. All work areas are thoroughly cleaned prior to our leaving your home.

6. Completion & Review

Walkthrough Review
After the service is completed, we will review our work and provide instruction if needed and make sure you are comfortable with new device management.

For ease and convenience, each completed project is documented in our online portal that you can access at any time.

7. Payment & Next Steps

Invoice & Payment
Our technicians will review the work completed and answer any questions. Payment is due upon completion and for convenience can be made on-site. A receipt will be emailed to you and stored in the PME online portal.

Next Steps & Future Projects
We discuss with you next steps and plan any future projects. We provide you with estimates for these projects.

8. Follow Up & Warranty

Satisfaction & Follow Up
Our office team follows up within 24 hours to ensure your complete satisfaction. To help better server our clients, we ask that you submit a review on Google if you are able to.

All of our work is warrantied for one year for your peace of mind.

Our Commitment
We are committed to serve you the best we can and provide you a safe, secure and bright home!

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