The Importance of Upgrading Your Electrical Outlets in Medfield, MA

Your electrical outlets are going to need upgrading eventually. Normal wear and tear can cause the outlets to malfunction. However, even properly working outlets may need upgrading, and we are here to tell you why.

Upgrading your outlets can protect your appliances and help you avoid dangerous electrical fires. If an outlet stops working, it may not be a big deal at first. But eventually, many other outlets may go dead, too, meaning they cannot handle your home’s power demand and may have damaged internal components due to heat warping. Faulty outlets are also more likely to cause electrical fires. 

Having inadequate electrical outlets will not only prevent you from using your appliances, but it can also actually damage those appliances. 

Are you unsure whether it is time to upgrade the outlets in your home? There are a few ways to know when you should consider upgrades. 

What’s an Outdated Outlet, and Why Upgrade It? 


Have you ever wondered why some outlets have two sockets, but others have three? 

Ungrounded outlets only have the top two sockets, known as hot and neutral sockets. The smaller “hot” socket (on the right) connects to a black wire, and the slightly wider “neutral” socket (on the left) connects to a white wire. 

The neutral wire is a power flow tool responsible for carrying any leftover voltage back to the panel rather than into the device plugged in, nearby fabric, or an unfortunate person. 

Modern three-slot outlets are called grounded outlets. These devices contain a “ground” socket, which is the lower, rounded slot in your outlet. Ground sockets connect to a grounding wire that protects the outlet from short-circuiting when the neutral wire fails. Outlets with this third slot are called “grounded” outlets. 

Without the third “ground” socket, the outlets are “ungrounded” These pose health and safety risks like an electric shock and electrical fires. 

If you have any two-pronged outlets in your home, you should give your electrician a call to upgrade them immediately.

Other Reasons to Upgrade the Outlets in Your Home

Here are some other reasons you should consider upgrading the outlets in your home—whether that be one outlet or several. 

The Outlet Is Warped, Damaged, or Malfunctioning 


If you notice that your outlet(s) has any of the above issues, an upgrade is in order immediately. Even the slightest sign of damage on your outlet plate could mean severe problems underneath the surface.

For example, suppose you notice that the neutral socket on your outlet is slightly warped. In that case, the internal components of your outlet could be failing, and the wiring behind your outlet cannot handle your TV, computer, video games, and air conditioner all at once.

When these components stop working, you are susceptible to an electrical fire. While electrical outlet repair can fix this, upgrading them is the safest option. 

Bonus tip: Never, ever use broken outlets, sockets, or power strips, as they pose serious fire hazards. Instead, call Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. for electrical outlet installation as soon as you can.

You Do Not Have GFCI Outlets 


GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets help prevent electrocution. Based on the voltage running through the outlet, they can sense when someone using the outlet is experiencing a shock. If that is the case, GFCI outlets temporarily break their connection with the wire, effectively cutting off the power. That prevents electric shock to the person using the outlet. 

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), all wet locations must use GFCI outlets. So you should have these devices in your bathrooms and kitchen to protect you and your family. 

If you think your outlets are unsafe, do not wait! Call an experienced electrician like Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc. for GFCI installation today.

Why Upgrading Is Important


Home electrical fires account for over 50,000 fires every year, and electrical hazards cause more than 4,000 injuries every year. So upgrading your most utilized outlets every few years will ensure that your home and the people in it are safe. It is worth it, especially considering electrical outlets are incredibly inexpensive to install.

Electrical outlets and the wires behind them can experience significant wear and tear in just five years. If you do not notice any of the above signs, such as a warped or damaged outlet, it is still a good idea to upgrade your outlets. 

You should also consider new outlet installation if your home is old. Many homes in Medfield, MA, were built before grounded outlets became standard. Do the outlets in your home only have two sockets? If so, you should upgrade them immediately. 

Where Can I Find an Electrician Near Me? 

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