Enjoy a Great Summer with These 8 Electrical Tips

Summer is here! it is time for BBQ, campouts, bonfires, the pool, the beach, and so much more. For Medfield, MA homeowners, this time of year also means your home’s electrical system is under more stress than usual. We want you to enjoy your summer while staying safe. To help with that, we’ve got some great summer electrical tips.

  • Call an “Electrician Near Me” for Pool Safety

There is quite a bit of electricity involved with keeping a swimming pool clean and functional. You may have a pool filter hardwired directly to your home or plugged into an outside outlet. Then there is underwater lighting, vacuums, and pumps. 

Each of these could be dangerous if they are not working properly. Consider bringing out a skilled electrician to ensure that everything is grounded correctly and that your pool is free from electric shock hazards. If any component is plugged into the home, you may need electrical outlet repair.

  • Double-Check Wiring to Outdoor Lights

For many homeowners in Medfield, MA, spring and summer are the seasons to enjoy yard time and barbecues after a cold winter. You may be turning on your outdoor lighting for the first time in several months. Be aware that cold weather and age could have damaged some of the wiring and switches. Take some time to look for obvious damage.

However, be aware that there may be issues that are not so visible. For example, you may notice that some lights are working while others are not. Bulbs may flicker and dim, as well. If you have tried the bulbs in other fixtures and established they are not the problem, there could be a more serious issue with underground wiring or power supply.

  • Keep Electrical Items Away From Swimming Areas

Anything that plugs in can be deadly if it comes into contact with water. Keep radios, spotlights, and other electrical items well away from your swimming pool or hot tub. Ensure that electrical items are not at risk of being accidentally dropped or pushed into the water. If you have an outdoor entertainment area, place electrical items with safety in mind.

  • Replace Frayed Extension Cords

Summer brings an increase in the use of outdoor electrical tools and lawn equipment. Many Medfield, MA, homeowners pair these with extension cords to reach the far ends of their lawns. Before you rely on your trusty extension cord for another season, maybe it is time to replace it. Take a look and see if it is in one of the following conditions:

  • Cracked or frayed
  • Difficult to plug in 
  • Too short
  • Hot after use
  • Lacking safety features such as a polarized plug
  • Intended for indoor use

There is no need to keep an old extension cord around. It is a cheap item and worth replacing with something safe and functional.

  • Prepare for an Increase in Electrical Use


Between guests, kids home from college, and increased use of screens and devices, your electrical system may be experiencing more stress than ever. (Even more so if you are plugging in outdoor toys or lights.) Can your current system handle it? What about during a severe storm? 

Without the proper protection, an electrical surge could damage computers and other expensive equipment. Using excess electricity may lead to issues with your circuit breaker as well. Nobody wants to deal with power outages because your circuits are overloaded.

Fortunately, there are some easy solutions. You can protect outlets and your personal property with a surge protector. In some cases, the demand for your home’s electrical resources is so great that you should consider having a professional install a whole-house surge protector.

  • Take a Load Off Your AC


Does the hot summer make your home stuffy and uncomfortable? Your AC can only do so much. It cools your home but does not really circulate air. Have you thought about new ceiling fans? A ceiling fan installation is faster and easier than you think. Of course, you do not have to DIY this project. A professional should be able to complete a ceiling fan installation in just a couple of hours.

  • Consider Electrical Outlet Repair


GFCI outlets should be installed anywhere with the increased risk of an electrical fault, such as your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and outdoors. These devices shut off power to the outlet if there is a fault. These are particularly useful in areas where moisture could cause a problem.

If you already have GFCI outlets, it is a good idea to test their functionality. To do that, hit the test button on each outlet. Then, check the same outlet by plugging in a small appliance or light. If the test has worked, you should get no power. If not, it may be time for a GFCI outlet upgrade. To complete your outlet test, simply hit the reset button.

  • Be Safe at the Beach and Marina 

It is a great time of year to get out on the water. Before you go, keep electrical safety in mind. Have your boat’s electrical system inspected, and get any repairs done. Avoid swimming near docks and boat carefully around them.

Inadequate or broken wiring could make the water near docks a severe hazard. Treat the beach like you would your home swimming pool in terms of electrical safety.

Electrical Safety Is Easy

At first glance, it seems as if there are many things to do to have a safe summer. In truth, most electrical safety is about being observant, taking care of issues before they cause harm, and bringing in a professional as needed.