The Complete Guide to EV Chargers in Medfield, MA

If you are an owner of an electric vehicle, you know it is a lifestyle that you need to adapt to. Gone from your life are packed gas stations and huge price fluctuations for fuel. Instead, you have public charging stations in your life and the long charge times that come with them. Or, if you are lucky, you might have a charging station you can use while you are at the office. 

Would it not be a lot nicer if you could take care of all this charging business at home, instead? That question has probably bounced through your head more than once since you got your electric vehicle. Still, you might have a sense of hesitation. 

It is normal to feel on the fence when it comes to an EV charger installation. It is a big decision. However, it might just be worth it. This article will discuss all the different reasons an EV charger could benefit you and transform your daily life.

Cheaper Charging

If you have had your electric vehicle for some time, you are probably already well acquainted with public charging stations. More specifically, you are probably intimately aware of their pricing. Much of the time, public charging is still quite a bit less expensive than gasoline. Still, the cost can burn a hole in your pocket if you drive very often. 

With an EV charger installation at home, you can charge your car for even less. Even the smallest savings will add up over time. Eventually, you can be sure those savings will essentially pay for the EV charger installation itself.

Faster Charging

Besides cost, the other factor of public charging stations you need to consider is time. Charging your car is not like fueling up at a gas station. You cannot just park for a minute, pump a few gallons into the tank, and go. You might be at the station for an hour. Hopefully, you brought a book.

We all know the phrase. Time is money. If you are stuck at a charging station, that is time you cannot spend being productive. Instead, you can get an EV charger installation at home at a charging level that fits your needs. A dedicated Level 3 charger can do wonders for your productivity. Best of all, you are already at home while you charge, so you are free to do whatever you want in the meantime.

Convenient Charging (While You Sleep)

This is the real game-changer. Forget about scheduling time to get your electric vehicle topped off. You can charge it while you sleep instead. With the right level charger, you can wake up every morning with the max range available to you. That is a ton of time and stress you don’t need to worry about anymore.

Better Home Value 

An EV charger installation is a big upgrade for your home, which means you can expect your home’s value to see a jump upward. With your home being such a significant investment in your life, everything that contributes to its value is crucial. 

You might need to move to another location down the line, and commanding as much value as possible when you have to sell really helps. Alternatively, if you have fallen in love with your charger, we make sure you are able to take it with you to your next destination.

Increased Safety

Without an EV charger at home, you have to leave your car charging at a public station. It’s probably safe, but the chance of something happening isn’t zero. While your vehicle sits unattended at a charging station, it’s vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and damage from the elements. If a storm rolls through, wind speeds reach an extreme, or hail rains down from the sky, your car is out there enduring it all.

With EV chargers at home, you can keep your car safely tucked away in the garage while you charge it up. In this way, your car’s safety will be dramatically improved, and you can enjoy peace of mind.

Which EV Charger Is Right for Your Medfield, MA Home?

If you have decided an EV charger is a good idea, the next step is figuring out what type of EV charger to choose. A quick search will pull up a bunch of new terms and concepts you might not be familiar with. The most important one will be charger levels. There are three types of chargers, each providing different amounts of power for your car. This will affect how much power is used by the charger and how quickly your vehicle will charge. 

Level 1 

Level 1 EV chargers are the weakest of the bunch. They use a small amount of power compared to Level 2 and Level 3 chargers and are not equipped to quickly charge your car. With a Level 1 charger installed, you can expect your vehicle to reach full charge in about 30 hours. The plus side is that Level 1 chargers are easy enough to install yourself, making them relatively inexpensive compared to the more powerful chargers available.

Level 2

Level 2 chargers are some of the most common chargers you will find. They are more powerful than Level 1 chargers by a long shot, charging your vehicle to full in about three hours. These devices provide an excellent middle ground between Level 1 and Level 3 chargers. You can reliably charge your vehicle every night, knowing it will be ready for you in the morning. 

Level 2 chargers are also where you start to see enhanced features, like WiFi connectivity and anti-theft protection. A WiFi connection may sound odd at first, but it can be handier than you might expect. With an app on your smartphone, you can check the status of your charging session remotely. No need to get in the car to see how much range is available.

Level 2 chargers are more expensive than their Level 1 counterparts and require professional installation to do it right. You will want to work with a professional to make sure your electrical panel can support the charger, that the charger is installed properly, and that the charger has been installed at an optimal location.

Level 3

Level 3 chargers are the cream of the crop. These chargers boast the highest power draw of the bunch and charge the fastest. With a Level 3 charger, you can charge your vehicle to full in just under an hour. This is lightning fast, but for many people, this will be unnecessary. Considering that you are likely to be charging your car at night while you sleep, you’ll almost always have a full charge available with a Level 2 charger every day. 

If you are looking for an EV charger for your home, this works out as Level 3 chargers are typically unavailable for the home. This is due to the special equipment needed and the prohibitively high cost of installation.

Make Sure You Meet Electrical Requirements

Before you go searching for an “electrician near me” for your new EV charger, consider your electrical panel. If it’s older, or you have a smaller home, it might not be up to the task of supporting a new EV charger on top of its regular duties. Level 2 chargers require a 240V connection to work correctly. As an added safety measure, make sure your panel rates for 25% more amperage than your charger’s output. 

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