Electrical Safety Around Your Pool

While it is important to practice electrical safety in all parts of your home, it is especially important to be safe around sources of water. This includes any hot tubs and pools you might have on your Medfield property. Due to the hazardous nature of mixing water and electricity, it’s wise to get an inspection of your pool’s electrical system every year.

The inspection will include checking the ground-fault interrupter circuits (GFCI) for proper operation. These special circuits are designed to interrupt the current if a fault is detected. Your electrician will also check the quality of the bonding wire around pool perimeters to ensure all of the wires are protected against exposure to water. 

Electrical Safety Around Your Pool

How Do I Make Sure My Pool Light Is Safe?

If your in-ground swimming pool was installed by a professional contractor, they made sure to follow local and national codes for electrical safety. This includes making sure your pool light, nearby outlets, and other electrical components are protected by GFCI circuits. 

Over time, your pool light’s safety features may degrade. You can tell that there is a problem with your pool light by looking for a few telltale signs. Call an electrician if:

  • The light flickers frequently
  • The light emits a buzzing sound
  • The metal components of the light are showing rust
  • Mold growth is occurring on or around the light

If you see these indications of a problem or see other signs that your pool wiring has been exposed, you should call an electrician for service immediately. Only a certified and experienced electrical contractor can accurately diagnose the problem and properly repair it.

How Do You Prevent Electrocution in Your Medfield, MA, Pool?

In addition to the annual inspection your pool and hot tub electrician can provide, there are safety steps you can take in using your swimming pool. Practicing good electrical safety will help you use energy without a high risk of an electrical shock. 

Here are a few good practices to employ around your pool or hot tub:

  • Ask your electrician to downgrade your 110-volt pool lights to 12-volt LED lights
  • Never string lights over a pool or hot tub 
  • Carry pool cleaning tools horizontally to keep long handles from contacting overhead power lines
  • Exit the pool or hot tub immediately without touching metal railings if your skin starts to tingle
  • Clearly mark power switches for easier identification in an emergency
  • Turn off the power before entering the pool to offer medical aid

These steps will help you keep yourself and others safer around your pool. If you suspect there is a problem with the electrical wires around your pool, turn off the power. You should avoid using the pool until a certified Medfield electrician has had a chance to look at your pool’s wiring and electrical system.

Keeping your pool in good condition through routine electrical inspections and repairs will allow you to safely enjoy your pool throughout the warmer weather. 

Local Electricians Can Help to Keep Your Pool Safe

When you need reliable poolside electrical service, contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting. We have the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to help you use electricity safely around your hot tubs and pools. Contact us today for service.