Kids and Electrical Safety

When you have young children, protecting them from the hazards of electricity is especially important. This requires going beyond ensuring that the electrical system in your Medfield home is in good condition. You will also have to educate about electrical safety for children while taking steps to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Kids and Electrical Safety

How Do You Teach Children Electrical Safety?

In the modern world, there are many different methods for teaching children to be safe around electricity. You can watch age-appropriate videos, play electrical safety video games, or read children’s books with them. In addition to these resources, make a chart of safety rules together. 

You can do the printing and allow your kids to decorate the chart. Once you finish the chart, hang it in a conspicuous place where your children will see it often. Teach them to memorize these safety rules. You can make it fun by offering a reward, such as a new book, when they recite the rules properly.

What Are the Dangers of Electricity for Children?

When exposed to an electrical shock, your children may experience a burning sensation. A more severe shock can interrupt cardiovascular activity, cause organ damage, hinder respiration, and even cause death. 

An electric current can be strong enough to cause the muscles to stiffen, making it harder for your child to pull away from the source of the shock.

While these hazards are similar for adults, a child will not be as capable of withstanding a stronger shock. This is why it’s especially important to teach children to be safe around electricity and electrical devices. 

A curious child who hasn’t been instructed about the importance of electrical safety will be careless around sources of electricity.

Electrical Safety Tips for Your Medfield, MA, Family

Home safety inspections can help ensure you are using electricity safely in your Medfield home, but you should take more steps to protect your children from exposure to electrical currents. Here are a few safety tips every parent should employ for better electrical safety for children.

  • Do not overuse one outlet or power strip
  • Keep electrical cords out of the reach of children
  • Schedule childproof outlet installation for your home
  • Do not let children play on or near green transformer boxes
  • Avoid flying kites or drones near substations and power lines
  • Make sure your kids ask for help when using electronics
  • Avoid yanking on cords
  • Prevent the use of electrical devices near sources of water

In addition to practicing these steps in your home, go over them with your children on a regular basis. Make sure your kids understand how important it is to be safe around sources of electricity. Power lines, substations, and even the outlets in your own home are powerful enough to cause serious injuries. 

Teaching your children how to respect electricity and use it safely will go a long way toward protecting them.

Want to Protect Your Home?

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