Medfield, MA Pool Wiring

Picture it: The time has finallyMedfield Pool Wiring arrived. The summer season is nearly here, and you are planning to build the backyard pool of your dreams, complete with a hot tub. 

You may be able to do most of the planning, construction, and small tasks on your own or with help from a friend, but whenever it comes time to work on your pool’s electrical components, you will need to contract the work out to a local Medfield electrician.

Hiring a professional electrician to complete your swimming pool electrical wiring or hot tub wiring will help guarantee that your pool’s wiring is able to pass inspection. It will also ensure that all the wiring is completed safely. 

Electrical work is dangerous regardless of your understanding or experience level. But, the danger is far greater when working with wiring near water, like in hot tubs and swimming pools. Keep yourself and your family safe by entrusting your pool’s safety to a professional electrician who can prevent electrical accidents.

Swimming Pool Electrical Wiring

Wiring a swimming pool is an important process that requires significant experience. The electrical tasks that are involved when wiring a swimming pool include:

  1. Securing your electrical permit
  2. Wiring a subpanel near the equipment pad to power the pool equipment
  3. Bonding the metal components of your pool to prevent electrocution
  4. Passing your electrical inspection

We’ll review each task to give you a better understanding of how a professional electrician can help you with swimming pool electrical wiring and hot tub wiring.

Securing Your Electrical Permit

Before any electrical work can be done on your pool or hot tub, your electrician must secure a permit from a local Medfield, MA, building and structure inspection authority. 

For a licensed electrician, this process is pretty straightforward and only takes a little while to complete. Once your electrician gets your project’s electrical permit, they can begin working on your pool.

Subpanel Wiring

Your new pool will require a subpanel, which will typically be branched off of your main breaker box. A subpanel is a small breaker box that takes enough power from the main breaker box to sustain all of your pool and/or hot tub equipment. 

Subpanels must be placed within specific distances to swimming pools. Electricians can help to ensure proper placement. Electricians can also help you to determine if your sub-panel and pool are an appropriate distance from your home. If your home is too far away, you will need a professional electrician to create a trench to bring the power from your main house panel to the subpanel.

Bonding to Prevent Shocks or Electrocution

Bonding is a very important part of the pool and hot tub wiring process. During bonding, an electrician will join together the electrical and metal components of your pool with a copper wire. 

Bonding causes the metal elements in your pool to possess the same potential. This prevents swimmers from suffering from electrical shocks. Without proper pool bonding, the human body can complete the circuit between metals with varied potential. This would then cause a shock.

The bonding wire is attached to several components of your pool such as:

  • Pool wall panels
  • Underwater pool lights and drains
  • Handrails, ladders, and diving boards
  • All metal pool equipment (pool heater, pump, or pool filter)
  • Pool decking with a metal (rebar) base

Because your body is still wet once you exit a pool, bonding the metal structures directly connected to your pool is not enough to guarantee the safety of your family or swimming pool guests. 

To help with this, electricians will also bond conduits and other metal structures that are within five feet of your pool.

Passing Your Electrical Inspection

The electrical inspection is the last step to complete before your pool is fully operational and ready to use. During an electrical inspection, an inspector will verify that all work done by your hired electrician was completed per code and that all circuits are safe. Once you pass your inspection, you can finally break out your swimsuit and enjoy your new pool or hot tub.

Finding a Qualified Electrician Near Me

While all electricians can technically be qualified to complete pool wiring, it is best to hire an electrician who has direct experience with wiring swimming pools. These tradesmen will know all regulations and requirements and will be sure to help your pool pass its inspection.

While Google is helpful for finding local Medfield electricians, you can also ask any neighbors or friends you know who have recently had a new swimming pool or hot tub installed. They will be able to provide you with the names of qualified electricians who can help you with your swimming pool project.

If you are in need of a locally owned and full-service electrical company to handle your swimming pool or hot tub wiring, contact Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting, Inc

We are known for our quality work and reliability. We are ready and excited to serve you. Let our professional team help make your backyard dreams a reality this summer.